Costs and calculation tool


In order to use Agro CloSer's traceability solution, a company will have to invest. This concerns a relationship with Agro CloSer and the partners AgroConnect and Proagrica. In addition, a company will also have to invest in scanning equipment and the adjustments of its own ERP systems. Experience shows that implementation is time-consuming. In particular, the adjustment of ERP systems is time-consuming. It should also not be underestimated that business processes have to be adapted, with every delivery being scanned. There is a clear advantage to this, namely that the entire administration is automated and ultimately results in a significant saving of time and costs.

Calculation tool

A calculation tool has been made to get as complete a picture as possible of the costs that Track & Trace will entail. The calculation tool can be downloaded via the link below. By going through a questionnaire, it is made clear which costs apply.
This overview does not include one-off costs for, for example, scanners, network access points/WIFI, adjustment of ERP system and the like. The reason for this is that the costs can vary greatly per company. It is recommended that you contact the permanent supplier of the digital infrastructure about this.

Download here the calculation tool.