Why tracking & tracing?

Traceability at batch level throughout the chain – from manufacturer to distributor and from distributor to grower – makes it possible to efficiently organize a batch-level recall within 24 hours. With the solution of Agro CloSer, the sector is prepared for a further elaboration of art. 67 of the EU directive 1107/2009. By using one standardized system, specific batches at different places in the chain can be distinguished from each other. For example, it can be avoided that all batches of the same product have to be recalled in the event of a recall, but one can limit oneself to a specific batch. Standardization also offers distributors opportunities to better organize inventory management and optimize planning. In a broader sense, tracking & tracing meets the increasing demand from customers for further digitization in the agricultural chain, making the sector better prepared for future developments. Agro CloSer helps the companies with this.

What does Agro CloSer do?

For efficient tracking & tracing, it is necessary to communicate about deliveries and transactions in accordance with one message standard in the chain. These messaging standards are being developed by the Agro CloSer Foundation in collaboration with Agro Connect. In order to use the messages, companies must join Agro Connect. The messages currently being developed concern:
• Order
• order acknowledgment
• delivery note
• invoice

In addition, it was decided to use a central platform for communication. This concerns a cloud solution that is facilitated by Proagrica. Agro CloSer has made agreements with Proagrica for this. In order to use the central hub, companies must also enter into an agreement with Proagrica. The big advantage of a central platform is that a company only needs to make one connection with the platform to exchange messages with all other companies that are connected to the platform. The central platform is efficient and saves costs compared to one-to-one links that otherwise have to be made between individual companies. It is possible to link an ERP system to the central hub, but companies without an ERP system can also use a web portal. It is contractually guaranteed that only the chain parties involved in a transaction have access to the relevant data. Commercially sensitive information is protected to the highest standards and privacy is assured.


The traceability solution also includes scanning of deliveries. By scanning the issuance and receipt of each delivery, a delivery can be tracked exactly. To enable the scanning of track & trace data, all packaging (can, box and pallet) must be provided with codes. Within Agro CloSer, the 2D Matrix code has been chosen that complies with Cristal's international standard. The 2D Matrix code contains unique identifying data for the product (article identification (GTIN), batch number and production date). GLN codes from GS1 are used to identify business locations in the chain. By scanning the products at each location, the location of products at batch level can be accurately tracked (tracking) and, if desired, traced (tracing).